Extracurriculars &
Internships For
High School

The competitive landscape of college admissions is ever-evolving, demanding more than just stellar grades and impressive test scores. Top universities scour applications for evidence of genuine passion, commitment, and the potential to make meaningful contributions in both college and the wider world. This is where extracurricular activities, particularly internships and research opportunities, play a pivotal role.

At Legacy College Advisors, our unique approach to sourcing these opportunities ensures our students not only pursue their passions but also stand distinctively apart from the crowd.

The Legacy Approach to Extracurriculars

Every student is unique, with individual aspirations, talents, and interests. We believe that extracurricular engagements should not be a cookie-cutter process but rather a tailored journey of discovery and growth.

Here’s how Legacy crafts this journey:

Discover Your

The first step isn’t about finding an opportunity; it’s about understanding the student. Through comprehensive discussions, our advisors delve deep into understanding each student’s passions, aspirations, and strengths.

Utilizing Our Unique

Legacy’s advisors hail from top 30 universities, bringing with them a vast network of professionals, researchers, and organizations. It’s through leveraging these connections that we can source opportunities often inaccessible to the public.

Tailored Opportunities
Over Generic Ones

We don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. Instead of sending students to generic internships or research roles, we find placements that resonate with the student’s academic goals and personal interests, ensuring genuine engagement and learning.

Why Extracurriculars Matter More Than Ever


Being part of an internship or research project showcases a student’s dedication to their field of interest. It indicates to universities that the student isn’t just academically inclined but is also eager to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Gaining Practical

These engagements allow students to garner hands-on experience, equipping them with practical skills that classroom settings might not offer.

Making a Difference

Many of the opportunities sourced by Legacy involve projects that have real-world implications, allowing students to make meaningful contributions to their chosen fields.

Legacy's Edge
Over Competitors

Legacy College Advisors’ commitment to providing unparalleled extracurricular opportunities is rooted in the understanding that for top-tier universities, it’s the “above and beyond” that makes the difference. While many college advisory firms might offer generic guidance on extracurriculars, Legacy’s approach is distinctively different.

Exclusive Access

Our advisors’ networks open doors to internships, research positions, and projects often reserved for insiders or not advertised publicly.


We ensure that every student is matched with opportunities that align with their passions, offering them the most enriching experience possible.

Commitment to Skill-Building

Beyond just placements, we ensure our students are prepared for these opportunities, providing guidance on how to maximize their learning and contribution during these engagements.

Building Narratives for Applications

We understand that the final goal is college admissions. Our advisors guide students on how to present these experiences in their applications, weaving compelling narratives that resonate with admissions committees.

Tailored Assistance
With College Admissions

In the high-stakes world of college admissions, where every student is striving for an edge, Legacy College Advisors offers an undeniable advantage. Our commitment to sourcing tailored extracurricular opportunities ensures our students are not only well-prepared for their college journey but are also poised to make meaningful contributions in their chosen fields.

In conclusion, with Legacy by your side, you’re not just gaining access to unique opportunities; you’re crafting a compelling narrative of passion, commitment, and hands-on experience, all essential elements for standing out in the fiercely competitive world of college admissions.

To learn more about how we can help you find internships or other opportunities to build your college application, contact us today.