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Embarking on your college application journey means navigating various platforms and systems, with the Common Application, popularly known as the Common App, standing out as one of the most significant. Legacy College Advisors is here to demystify the Common App, guiding you to harness its potential and maximize your chances at some of the top universities that utilize it.

Understanding the Common App

The Common App is a singular online college application platform that over 900 colleges and universities around the world accept. It was designed with the intent to simplify the college application process, allowing students to fill out one application and send it to multiple institutions.

Key Features of the Common App


Students input their basic information, extracurricular activities, awards, and test scores only once.


There’s a section dedicated to the personal statement, where students can express their voice and story beyond grades and scores.


While the main application remains consistent, many colleges have additional requirements or essays, tailored to their specific institution.

Top Universities Using the Common App

Many prestigious institutions have adopted the Common App for its efficiency and widespread reach.

Some top-tier schools that utilize the Common App include:

Harvard University:

This Ivy League giant looks beyond grades, searching for character, leadership, and civic responsibility, which the Common App allows students to showcase.

Stanford University:

Known for its entrepreneurial spirit and diverse programs, Stanford uses the Common App to glean insights into a student’s passion and fit for the university.


While primarily recognized for its STEM prowess, MIT is holistic in its admissions approach, making the Common App an ideal platform to gather varied student narratives.

Princeton, Yale, Columbia, and more

Many Ivy League and other tier one schools recognize the value of the Common App in streamlining the admissions process while capturing a student’s essence.

How Legacy College Advisors Elevates Your
Common App Experience

Expert Guidance

Our advisors, sourced exclusively from top 30 universities, bring a wealth of knowledge and firsthand experience to the table. They’re well-versed in the intricacies of the Common App and can decode what top-tier colleges prioritize in applicants. With meticulous attention to detail, they’ll guide you through every section of the application, ensuring that your portrayal is both accurate and leaves a lasting impact.

Personal Statement Excellence

The personal statement isn’t just an essay—it’s a window into your journey, values, and dreams. Our team offers dedicated brainstorming sessions to unearth your unique story, followed by rigorous reviews and edits. The result is a statement that not only radiates authenticity but is also finely tuned to captivate admissions officers.

School-Specific Strategy

Every college has its ethos and priorities. While the Common App provides a universal canvas, supplemental essays or requirements offer a chance to customize your application to resonate with individual institutions. Legacy excels at this bespoke strategy, ensuring your main application paints a broad yet compelling portrait, while the tailored supplements solidify your candidacy as the perfect fit for each specific school.

Holistic Approach

The college application process is as much about introspection as it is about presentation. Legacy recognizes this dual challenge. Beyond assisting with the mechanics of form-filling, we delve deeper, offering emotional and strategic support. Whether it’s coping with application-related anxieties, decoding which colleges align with your aspirations, or helping you envision a vivid academic future, Legacy is by your side.

Regular Check-Ins

The journey to a polished Common App is iterative and evolving. Unlike services that offer limited touchpoints, at Legacy, our engagement is ongoing. Our advisors schedule regular sessions that align with your progress, ensuring that together you refine strategies, review evolving inputs, and stay on track with timelines and deadlines.

Insights on Recommendations

Letters of recommendation are critical endorsements that can bolster your application’s credibility. The Common App places significant emphasis on this. Recognizing its importance, Legacy assists not just in helping you identify the right recommenders but also in ensuring the letters they produce cohesively complement your application narrative.

Get Guidance For The Common App

In conclusion, the Common App, while designed to simplify the application process, can be daunting given its critical role in college admissions. Legacy College Advisors bridges the gap between potential and achievement, ensuring that this platform becomes your ally in the journey to top-tier institutions.

Connect with Legacy College Advisors today to transform your Common App into a compelling gateway to your dream colleges.